About Mike Robinson Productions

Mike Robinson Productions has been happily serving the tri-state area for over 20 years.


Through a variety of photography and videography services, including Wedding Photography & Video Services, Corporate Images & Video, and Fine Art Imagery, owner Mike Robinson’s unique eye and attention to detail can help bring your story to life.

The Face Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Mike!

My love for photography dates back to 1977, when I was just seven years old.

I was watching Star Wars with my dad, in awe, when he told me that I could get a job one day creating movies just like this one. It was the spark that lit the flame to my passion of photography and movie making.

After learning and practicing my craft, in the years that followed, I was fortunate to shoot on some major films including "12 Monkeys," starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, and "Philadelphia," starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. I also worked with NFL Films to capture the stories of Philadelphia Phillies GM Charlie Emanuel, LA Lakers Hall-of-Famer Coby Bryant, and Philadelphia Eagle David Akers.


Traveling throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York during my career has led me to wonderful experiences. I was able to video the very first ride of Talon at Dorney Park; photographed over 15 National Parks; served as the Lehigh Valley Steel Hawks football team official photographer; photographed a 6-million dollar home designed by Bill Gate's architect; and photographed and videoed sea sailing adventures on the official tall ship of New Jersey.

But what I enjoy most is working with each one of you - capturing your day to day moments and helping tell your story!